View Aveux non avenus by Claude Cahun on artnet. Browse upcoming and past auction lots by Claude Cahun. Aveux non avenus [Claude Cahun] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Platinum print by Claude Cahun, image of a collage, , printed , from the book ‘Aveux non Avenus’. Museum Number E

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Once more, you have read it, you are reading it, you will correct the mistakes I make in French. Perhaps I am a little to blame for having allowed you to insult me once too often? They were oblivious of my presence, my envy, admiration or shock.

Panting aevnus rage, they suddenly appear to be calm, the supreme ruse, and slyly start scooping the sand from beneath his feet… He exercises his lip in salutary scorn. In fact what troubles Narcissus the voyeur most is insufficiency, when his own gaze is interrupted.

Aveux Non Avenus : Claude Cahun :

One by one I remove them all. London, South Kensington 27 November Calm me, little brother. Will sleep take me in a spasm or will it stroke me, slowly and surely, with an eternal wing?


O sweet little girl, leave the dried flower of your grace between the leaves of my books and my favourite acts, may I am become accustomed to your scent whose insipidity still faintly nauseates me, whose bitter drunkenness — and how I love it! Oh Narcissus you could love yourself in everything: For I already trail too many corpses behind me.

Disavowals (Aveux non Avenus) by Claude Cahun

Here or there; in front of or behind the window? They should put him in a straight-jacket. You favour what is at the expense of what might be, that is your profession. Our aveuz should have become more simple.

Deaf, mute, blind, I wander around and, like a coward, leave you burdened by a dead weight. But their familiar demons will quickly regain the upper hand. At first he had doubted God, and the concept of human liberty; then the material world and his own existence.

Aveux non Avenus by Claude Cahun on artnet

My picture would be of a hypocritical and sensual age where men will prefer their own contact and their silent scorn for love gossips about others. The man struggles in the arms of destiny: And may others avenge you. My heart inflates outrageously, filling up with hydrogen.


I surprise myself by saying: Beside you, Life Actor how poor am I! Be inflexible, implacable mask; remain rigid whether you wish avrnus or not.

You replied that, if love comes true, the game becomes dangerous. E — My like? Cahun and Moore decided to stand their ground, rather than fleeing to England as fully half of the islanders had. Contact Client Service info christies. A horror of anything ridiculous.

Albert-Birot also shared with Apollinaire no other members of the Parisian avant-garde an interest in puppet theater as a locus of cultural renewal. What do you least like about yourself? But if I have the grace not to recant, sweet revenge!

avejus I close my eyes to put a limit on the orgy. Everyone should know it… Write to me that you understand, that you forgive, that you forget, that you will be happy — already nearly cured.

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