The Search for Truth is the third installment of the Erec Rex series, published in Synopsis In book 3 of the Erec Rex series, Erec is faced with even more. In The Search for Truth, Erec Rex learns that in order to save the world from a terrible fate, he must put a friend in danger. And he must do the impossible, and. In The Search for Truth, Erec s task involves finding the long lost Awen, and it is not only Erec s crown on the line, but the Substance that holds Alpyium together.

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In a last attempt, Erec holds up the Scroll of Alithea. The Best Books of I loved this book.

There will be only one way to save Bethany, the steps that Erec must take will be extremely challenging. Then one morning, Erec’s mother is missing. The Search for Truth, and Erec Rex: She is a prisoner of King Pluto of Aorth, one of the triplets that rule over the Kingdom of the Keepers. Baskania is intent on diverting Erec’s quests from the Fates searcj Balor and his brothers to give srec legitimacy to their claim to the scepters.

They bring some much-needed humor and a quite a few revelations to light, plus they are just fun!

But the Bee-Hind is protecting a man, who had been a lackey of Baskania until he outsmarted him he apparently did “something bad” to Ugry under Baskania’s ordersand his son. Erec’s next task is to retrieve the five Awen from their mystical hiding places and unite them, a herculean undertaking that has laid waste to all those who have attempted it. These steps will guide him down his path to becoming the King of Alypium.


As Erec returns to Alyphium from recovering from the last quests in Upper Earth, which seems to be a pattern, he finds that Bethany is in danger and searcy must hurry and get to her before she makes a big mistake. This series, will always be in my favorites!

Erec Rex #3: The Search for Truth

She has been taken by Baskania. The problems with Erec’s time back home is cut short when a cloudy thought warns him of disaster.

Once before he had a cloudy thought and pretty much turned into a fire breathing dragon. Her condition is not good, since fod is chained to a chair with small metal cones around her head, which pull out her memories and play them on a screen so Baskania can sort through them to try to find the secret to the Final Magic.

The Search for Truth (Erec Rex, #3) by Kaza Kingsley

We learn more about The Hermit, whom we have met before, and we also learn a bit more about Oscar, Jack, and Melody she was Bethany’s roommate in the first book. Other cultures get more of a feature here as well. I like the moral and everything is fantastic. Open Preview See a Problem? Overall this was a fantastic read.

Erec is also trying to release the souls kept by the furries free. This third book in the series has Erec grocery shopping with his foster mom when he sees a vision of his best friend being tortured by the evil magician, Thanatos Baskania.


They are that good and are worthy of taking the time to reread them.

That’s a spot on, Kaza! He’s also learning to use his magical powers.

They follow him, staring like lost puppies. Look forward to seeing it on the shelves on October 1st of this year. Videos About This Book. Many sorcerers have tried doing this throughout the years, and they all failed, most with their lives. View all 3 comments.

The Search for Truth (Erec Rex, book 3) by Kaza Kingsley

Dec 18, Aelvana rated it it was amazing. Erec later saves the day by luring the manticore into a hole in the Substance, killing it. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. After communicating with each other using Erec’s dragon eye, the dragon mother thanks them and gives Erec a scroll, the scroll of Alithea which holds all of the answers in the universe. With all that’s going on this time of year it seemed to take a while to finish this book.

Erec is such a fun likable charact If you haven’t read any of Kaza Kingsley’s previous books in the Erec Rex series, you are missing out!

But that is not all. Balor turns out to be a clone of Baskania. Erec has lost most of his soul and has to retrieve it from the three furries.

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