Page 1. Kitchen stewarding UNIT—4. In kitchen stewarding, one is required to maintain the kitchens of an eatery or hotel. This job has moved from being a chef’s. Home Interior Design Style Kitchen Stewarding Department Layout And Design Kitchen Living Room Kitchen Stewarding Department Layout And Design. KITCHEN STEWARDING LAYOUT AND DESIGN PDF. Find + best results for “kitchen stewarding layout and design pdf” web-references, pdf, doc, ppt, xls.

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For garbage disposal different color coded bins are placed outside each restaurant: As the drum revolves, the mixture of water and detergent acts as a lubricant between the silver and ball bearings and gently removes any tarnish on the silver without leaving ddsign scratches. If provided, around 8-inch space must be added up to the width of the bar and the armrest should be padded for comfort.

Bathroom equipments and surfaces, including the bathroom floor and tiles stewardimg well as bathroom mirrors. Silver is removed, rinsed in hot water, and wiped dry.

In this method, baskets of dishes are immersed in deep tanks and cleaned by mechanical agitation in hot detergent water. Singh 30 November at Like the counters, they should also be washed, rinsed, and sanitized in between products.

Download ppt “Storage facilities, Layout and Design”. Dishes sterilized at this temperature dry quickly when passed out into the air. Popular posts from this blog gueridon service June 20, Exploring effective methods of carrying out various tasks Ensuring the continuous supply of the well maintained, cleaned and polished pans and pots, large cooking vessels, and service equipments for production and service departments.

Piping hot water is poured to cover the silver. It performs the following functions: Garbage disposal and kitchen sanitation. We think you have liked this presentation. The waiter should stack the trays of dirties correctly at the side board with all the same sized plates together and all the tableware stacked on one of the plates with the blades of the knives running under the arch of the forks.


Dividing curtains highly resistant to chemical agents and heat are present. A dirty kitchen can ruin the reputation of a restaurant, however good its name may be.

Storage facilities, Layout and Design

Then they are rinsed and sterilized stewarring another section of the machine. Maintaining washing machine, burnishing machine and other equipments At the End of the Day Before closing the restaurant, here are the areas in the kitchen and kitchen items that the stewarding department needs to address: The main kitchens ware and coffee shop and IRD dishwashing is done in the main kitchen whereas the specialty restaurant ware is washed in the satellite dishwashing kitchens.

But with the increasing thrust on different cuisines, the role of chefs became more specific leading to a growing need to hire cleaners to do the job. This method is not suitable for cleaning forks and knives as the prongs of forks are not cleaned properly and continuous use may damage the cutting edge of knives.

Newer Post Older Post Home. Singh 30 November at Controlling the movement of stock of all food production and service equipments. The machine takes around 15 min to complete the polishing process. Machine Report register — register where machine operations are recorded. Common Guidelines in Proper Garbage Disposal Each restaurant has its own guideline for proper garbage disposal that its Stewarding Department uses.

If sterilized in water at this temperature the crockery will dry by itself without the use of drying up cloths. There is a large drum which is half filled with ball bearings and there is a rod in the center used for putting the handles deslgn the cups and jugs.

These machines are usually operated by two people, one for sorting soiled items and to feed the machine and the other to collect the clean ware. These should be washed, rinsed, sanitized, and hung upside down so as to allow the excess liquid to drip down and for the mops and brushes to dry. Floors of store should be tough enough to hold up heavy traffic and easy to clean and wash. The racks are left for two minutes and then lifted out and the crockery left to drain.


Scrape and pre rinse to keep the washing water clean for a longer time. However, here are some of the most common ones that restaurants and their kitchens should follow. Opportunities of kitchen stewarding Responsibilities of the manager: If spirit is not available, water may be used, Once the paste has dried, it is rubbed with a clean piece of cloth.

Requisition Forms — these are forms where the departments are recorded for procurement from the stores. This method is quick but may damage the silver due to chemical reaction between silver and solution. Great care should be taken while washing glassware. The stewarding department has to clear the garbage bins at least four times a day so as to avoid piling up of garbage, and the garbage and waste materials should be transferred to its appropriate garbage trolleys.

Rotisserie skewers and the tines. Kitchen Equipment Register — to maintain the inventory of all equipments related to kitchen. Counters, especially the prep area counters.

Stewarding department

It is the responsibility of the stewards to provide necessary tools and cleaning agents. The inventory of all stewareing articles is regularly taken and tallied with the book stock. After Every Four Hours There are also some areas in the kitchen as well as kitchen items that need to be washed, rinsed, and sanitized every four hours.

They take care of all the silverwares and the china wares stored in the silver room and are also responsible for silver polishing.

Readily available metal may be used to clean articles in the same way.

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